Beyond Satisfied ... Highly Recommend ... No Hesitation!

I'll start by saying I wasn't sure how to hire an attorney, whom to trust with my livelihood? Wondering what was too much to pay an attorney? Not knowing if my situation was in their wheelhouse? And if they would just take a retainer and forget about me, etc. I am leaving this experience with those questions clearly answered ... Gary Moylen is worth every red cent.

He is most importantly to me, Honest, Fair, and Direct, especially when he needs to be. He'll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want. He is extremely detail oriented, a great listener, available to answer questions, and always responds to email, which I needed with my hectic schedule. Gary is accountable...he showed up when he said he would, called when scheduled, treated me like I was an important case, even though I am realistic and know there are other cases he's a part of much bigger than mine.

Gary is a sharp, creative thinker, an impressive negotiator, with a wealth of experience and knowledge, that I have seen him put to use on my behalf.

I found Gary as a referral from the New Jersey State Bar Association. While I was living in San Diego, California and being sued in New Jersey, it was difficult to choose an attorney being 3000 miles away, and time was of the essence. They sent several options, ranging in specialty and price. Although my gut feeling after my 1st phone conversation was to go with Gary, he was also the most qualified and in practice the longest. He's a New Jersey Supreme Court certified Civil Trial Attorney with expertise in civil litigation. If unsure ask any attorney and they'll tell you, that title means he's earned his stripes, with many more years of education and practice than most, and makes him more qualified than the next guy.

Even though my case didn't appear to be his specialty, with his background, he has been a part of some major similar cases and I was most comfortable with Gary's education, certification, and experience. I am grateful I made the decision to hire Gary.

Gary was quick to respond to my desperate inquiry and very precise in his initial evaluation, which gave me great insight to what action needed to be done. He also responded to my urgent message before any of the other less qualified attorneys, which I like. Gary has a calming effect, which gave me confidence...instead of using my sense of urgency and desperation against me, he chose the high road, which is honorable and tells a lot about his character and integrity.

My case was extremely stressful and had a very complex fact pattern about events that happened years ago involving numerous documents and numerous different theories of law, including the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, which was dangerous because a party can not only recover punitive damages, but also an award making you pay for the other side's attorneys' fees...this case although in the beginning was a civil case had the potential to become a criminal case. In short, the plaintiff's attorney made this out to be an equity stripping case going after personal damages.

Gary was prepared to take this case to trial and just as important had me prepared as well. I was extremely confident in Gary that if that were to happen, I was lucky to have him in my corner. In the end, Gary was able to negotiate a settlement well below what I thought was possible.

Not only did he save me tens of thousands or more in a potential guilty verdict, he gave me back my peace of mind and helped this case end swiftly with an outcome that I could live with.

I hope this review finds someone in the position I was in, and helps them to make the best decision possible and hire Gary Moylen without hesitation to represent you and your family.


Medical Malpractice Case

Experienced, articulate, ethical, meticulous, patient, attentive, compassionate, witty and pit bull are just a few words to describe Gary Moylen.

Gary is representing us in an ongoing lawsuit regarding the untimely death of a close family member whose death was the result of the doctor's failure to provide appropriate post-operative care following bariatric surgery.

Our lives have been forever changed. We never dreamed we'd ever be involved in a malpractice lawsuit. Having daughters who are both pursuing careers in the medical field, it was a difficult decision to make, but we knew it was the right one. Our hope is to find peace in knowing that we've prevented this tragedy from happening to another family.

We are fortunate to have found Gary. It's been a long, emotional process, but he's been by our side every step of the way! Gary exemplifies everything that an attorney should be. There's no doubt we're in great hands!

Trish Durflinger

Auto Accident

Mr. Moylen was my attorney in an auto accident case. My injuries were very serious, and I was worried about getting full compensation. Mr. Moylen handled my case very aggressively and got a great settlement for me. The most important thing about him is that he was always there for me. No matter when I called him, he always answered his phone. He is a very kind and considerate attorney.

A Satisfied Client

Medical Malpractice Owing To Doctors Error During Back Procedure Resulted In Lifelong Pain In My Back And Legs. Settled For Maximum compensation.

Handled medical malpractice case. Settled out of court for maximum policy amount. Gary and staff always available, kept me well-informed. Would definitely recommend.

A Satisfied Client