Were You Sexually Abused By A Catholic Priest Or Church Leader?

Only a fraction of Americans who have suffered the effects of sexual abuse or molestation by members of the Catholic diocese have reported the abuse until recently. Because of the sensitive nature of this type of abuse, many people were too afraid or embarrassed to step forward for help. Most did not get treatment for the trauma they suffered. However, new allegations arising daily and consequent lawsuits against the Catholic church have paved the path for more people to come forward and seek monetary compensation for the pain caused by trusted clergy members.

As a lifelong Roman Catholic, Gary W. Moylen, is personally concerned and highly committed to helping clients who have suffered at the hand of church leaders in New Jersey. A certified civil trial lawyer with over 40 years of experience, attorney Moylen collaborates with experts for these types of cases. He has been successful in recovering millions of dollars on behalf of his clients. Call his office in Morristown today at 973-539-1303 to confidentially discuss filing a civil lawsuit for monetary damages.

Do Not Let Shame, Guilt Or Fear Stop You From Following Through

Sexual abuse can negatively affect people from every socio-economic background. Left untreated, people from all walks of life are vulnerable to deep psychological and physical affliction after sexual abuse. Studies have shown that sexual abuse can also result in a loss of personal value that is linked to alcoholism, drug abuse, lost jobs and destroyed family relationships when an individual does not take action necessary to heal.

Mr. Moylen has the legal experience you need and will help you determine if you have the standing to file a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse involving a priest or church leader of the Catholic diocese or minister from another denomination.

Get Help And Personalized Advocacy From A Certified Civil Trial Attorney

Whether you reported the sexual abuse or molestation at the time it occurred or not, you need an experienced attorney to help understand the full scope of your rights. Mr. Moylen personally handles every case so that his clients receive the attention they deserve. Call Gary Wm. Moylen, Esq., in Morristown at 973-539-1303, for a free consultation to discuss your legal options. You may also reach out to the firm by completing the online form.