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Are you coping with the effects of sexual abuse or molestation by a Catholic priest, clergy member or church official? If you are a victim of priest or clergy abuse in New Jersey, you may have a right to file lawsuit for monetary compensation.

Gary Wm. Moylen, Esq., is an aggressive attorney focused on helping clients who have suffered at the hand of the Catholic diocese or the clergy of another church denomination. He can help you with holding those responsible for the harm they caused you or a loved one accountable.

The Key Factor Is Stepping Forward To Get The Help You Need

Abuse victims often hide their deep-seated shame with drugs and alcohol. Many have lives riddled with drug abuse and alcoholism to cope with the pain caused by trusted members of their family's church.

Recovery for abuse victims involves holding the perpetrator of the abuse responsible for their actions. Attorney Moylen understands the struggle of coming forward. If you or a loved one is a victim of clergy abuse, contact him for free consultation to confidentially discuss your case.

Get An Attorney Who Collaborates With Experts To Build Strong Cases

Gary Wm. Moylen, Esq., leverages his experience, knowledge and compassion for the well-being of his clients in each case he works on. With over 40 years of litigation experience in personal injury, medical malpractice and legal malpractice, attorney Moylen knows that the key to his success as a certified civil trial lawyer is supported by careful collaboration with experts in other relevant fields.

Take The First Step To Getting The Compensation You Deserve

You need personalized attention in a time of vulnerability. Attorney Moylen will take the time to get to know the facts surrounding your case, help you gather the necessary evidence you need and provide straightforward legal counsel. When he accepts your case for representation, he is with you all the way, fighting for the best possible result. Email or call his office in Morristown for a free consultation at 973-539-1303. He serves clients in northern New Jersey.